Lighting led ankle pain relief therapy rehabilitation therapy supplies in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health

Lighting led ankle pain relief therapy rehabilitation therapy supplies in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health
Lighting led ankle pain relief therapy rehabilitation therapy supplies in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health
Lighting led ankle pain relief therapy rehabilitation therapy supplies in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health
Lighting led ankle pain relief therapy rehabilitation therapy supplies in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health
Lighting led ankle pain relief therapy rehabilitation therapy supplies in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health
Lighting led ankle pain relief therapy rehabilitation therapy supplies in Massage Relaxation from Beauty Health

Product Specification

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Application: Body

Material: ABS

Model Number: GD-P

Size: Medium

Brand Name: LASTEK

Laser Wavelength: 808nm+ 650nm

Laser Type: GaAlAs Diode Laser

Number Of Laser Diodes: 13

Application 1: Massage & Relaxation

Application 2: Pain Relief

Application 3: Laser Therapy

Application 4: Home Remedy

Application 5: LLLT Cold Laser Medical Machine

Application 6: All The Human Body

Feature: No Pain , No Side Effect , Good Teatment Effect

Operating Voltage: 100V - 240V

Usage Method: Twice a day,20 minutes each time


Application Range: 


2)Sports injuries, wounds, and fresh scars

3)Lower and upper back pain; neck pain

4)Plantar fasciitis and sprains

5)Tennis elbow

6)Wounds & Ulcers acupuncture

7)Rehabilitation Therapy

8)Reduces inflammation and swelling


10)Facial paralysis

11)Mammary hyperplasia

12)Cervical spondylosis


14)Scapulohumeral periarthritis

15)RA(rheumatoid arthritis)

16)Proplapse of lumbar intervertebral disc






22)Frozen shoulder

Hand Held Laser Pain Relief Mechanism Of Action :

1. Improving the blood circulation

Laser directly irradiates on the lesionpart which blood flow is decreased or irradiates the sympathetic ganglion which dominates this range. It could supply sufficient blood and nutrition in order to improve the metabolism and relieve symptom.Pain relief  laser therapy blood circulation device. 

2. Diminishing the inflammation quickly

Laser irradiates the lesion area to enhance the activity of phagocyte and improve the immunity and diminish the inflammation quickly.

3. Relieving the pain

The injured part could release the substance after laser irradiation. Laser irradiation also could reduce the conduction rate,power and impulse frequency to relieve the pain quickly.Pain relief cure blood circulation device.

4. Accelerating the tissue repair

Laser irradiation can accelerate the growth of new blood vessel and granulation tissue and improve protein-synthesis. Blood capillary is one of the basic elements of granulation tissue, which is the precondition of wound healing. Organizing much more oxygen supply to damaged tissue cells and accelerates the production of collagen fibers, deposition and cross-linking.


Usage method:  

Twice per day(morning and evening), 30 minutes for each time, 7-10 days for one treatment course. After 7- 10 days,Stop one or two days, Then, continue for next course..No any side effects under the long-term use. Make sure to stay hydrated during the treatment.


How to operate the semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument?

1.Preparation before treatment: Use warm water to clean skin first then dry the area. avoid dark hairs, moles, or birth marks..

2.Turning on: Turn on the laser by pressing the power key for 2 seconds until the screen  displays.

3 .Selecting treatment time: pressing "T" button, there are 10 minutes / 15 minutes / 20 minutes / 25 minutes/ 30 minutes options.

4.Selecting treatment power:  pressing the "P" button, there are four intensities to choose.

5.Starting treatment: Again short press the "ON/OFF" to start treatment, you will see the laser probes begin emitting light. Put the device on the area to be treated.

6.Turning off: Press the On/Off button for 2 seconds until the indicator light turns off and there is no screen display.

7.Charging:  The Laser appliance comes with a rechargeable lithium battery inside. The device will emit a beeping sound when low on power, please plug the unit in to recharge. It takes 8-10 hours to fully recharge.

pain relief


Features and Advantages: 

1.Pulse Handheld The Laser Therapy The use of three different low-intensity light wavelengths (650 nm, 808 nm) to relieve pain and inflammation associated with many acute and chronic pain disorders.

2. Treatment promotes the body's natural healing and healing processes at the cellular level

3. Proof 93% effective in relieving pain

4. Provide safe alternative drugs as well as surgical and other invasive ways

5. Easy for consumers to use, comfortable and painless

6. Without any medical equipment costs

7. Support improved quality of life



Product Principle:

Handhold type pain relief laser equipment is a low level laser therapy (LLLT) device, also known as a soft laser.LLLT is a light source treatment that generates a coherent light of a single wavelength. It emits no heat, sounds or vibration.The laser's energy is used to penetrate the skin and stimulate the body's natural healing processes , by this way, every cell in the treatment area received the energy activate deep tissue repair , Laser irradiation can diminish inflammation to edema fluid, accelerate the activity of lymphocytes and the body's self-healing system,accelerate the secretion of analgesic substances, reduce the sensitivity of the peripheral nerve, thus for pain treatment.

 Pain relief  treatment picture

808nm, infrared laser can penetrate skin to 5-7 cm, directly target the pain point in the deep area.

650nm, Red laser can penetrate skin to 2-3 cm, help to improve the blood circulation, anti-inflammatory the surrounding area of the pain point.

So 808nm + 650 nm together will have better curative effect for body pain relief.


PS:Dear friend,the color of the protective glasses(Gift) is given randomly. If you have specific needs, please leave message(s) when placing order(s).Thanks!


Product Show:Prostatitis-treatment-cold-laser-pain-relief-device-for-home-use-09Lastek-Laser-Pain-Therapy-Wound-Healing-Laser-Therapeutic-Device-LLLT-Cold-Laser-Medical-Therapeutic-Machine-LaserPortable Laser Pain Relief17Lastek-Laser-Pain-Therapy-Wound-Healing-Laser-Therapeutic-Device-LLLT-Cold-Laser-Medical-Therapeutic-Machine-Laser8Lastek-Laser-Pain-Therapy-Wound-Healing-Laser-Therapeutic-Device-LLLT-Cold-Laser-Medical-Therapeutic-Machine-Laser1-1Happy New Year Festival Chrimas Gift


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